CSHC Sermons

“The Lord Reigneth in Holiness” – Bro. Floyd Hagan – Camp Meeting 1986

June 12, 2018

In Camp Meeting 1986 Bro. Floyd delivered "The Lord Reigneth in Holiness".  From His Holiness God calls us if we’ll just turn our ear and listen.  Just as God guides the innumerable salmon, geese and hummingbirds He puts something in the soul of man that draws him back to God.  Preaching against a doctrine of suppression, from the Word he proves sanctification entirely eradicates sin and enables holiness.  Citing the examples of Lot, the harlot Rahab, Eli/Samuel, and Manasseh, he asks what will it take for you to seek God?

Bro. David Cosby

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