CSHC Sermons

Bro. Thomas Mustin in Camp Meeting 1993

May 22, 2018

In Camp Meeting 1993 Bro. Thomas Mustin declares himself a product of Sis. Fannie Rodgers preaching, potentially from the back of a wagon, in 1914 in Montgomery, Alabama.  About 35 years after this young lady’s preaching, Bro. Thomas’ father was sanctified, and then about 20 years later, Bro. Thomas made his consecration.  He uses Hebrews 11 to highlight God’s plan to redeem mankind. Referencing Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, the Passover, deliverance from Egypt, Caleb and Joshua, the walls of Jericho, Rahab, Daniel and finally the birth of Jesus, he makes the case that God can deliver from sin in every circumstance of life.

Bro. David Cosby